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Our Products & Services Include

Geek Recruiters Agency

International Tech Recruitment Agency
We help our international clients hire IT talents quickly and predictably.

Career Upgrade Tools

Mentoring And Coaching Program For IT Professionals
We help senior IT professionals get more and better career opportunities through hands-on mentoring and coaching.

IT Recruiter Toolkit

E-learning program for recruiters who source and recruit IT positions.
This Toolkit has been purchased by individuals and recruitment agencies in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.

Tech Recruitment Program

Real-time program with a group of 20 tech recruiters, every 2 months.

Tech Recruitment Training

Training for recruitment teams that want to close more IT candidates
We organize seminars for recruitment agencies and groups of individual recruiters.

Courses on Udemy

Video courses for IT and HR professionals.
We have created six video courses that are being sold even 3-4 years after they were published.

What Can We Help YOU  With?

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