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Building software products is hard.

We help individuals and businesses create e-learning products and bring them to the market so they can upskill the workforce of tomorrow.

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How Can We Help?


Do you have industry-specific know-how? Would you like to spread it around the world while building a strong personal brand?
Would you like to offer your own educational products (such as courses or webinars) and earn passive income on the side?
We can help you create the products and bring them to the market (B2B or B2C).


Do you run a business and see e-learning as an opportunity for growth?
Would you like to create e-learning products for your team or your clients?
We can build custom software solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Solutions

Software Development

  • Web development: Backend (C# and Java) and Frontend (JavaScript)
  • Mobile app development: iOS and Android


  • Online course creation
  • ​Webinars and web classes
  • ​Online Academy setup

Go-to-market Strategy

  • B2C marketing and digital online sales
  • B2B sales – international

We Are Here For You

Michal Juhas

Entrepreneur, manager, trainer, speaker

Vladimir Bezak

CTO, web and mobile apps software developer

Matus Kopalko

E-learning specialist

Valerian Lukacko

Digital marketing specialist

Marcel Kamon

B2B sales advisor

Peter Ladnayi

Java architect, software developer, advisor

We Have Brought To Life

IT Recruiter Toolkit

E-learning program for recruiters who source and recruit IT positions.
This Toolkit has been purchased by individuals and recruitment agencies in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.

Founder Toolkit

Equity Fundraising Toolkit
In Beta version as of February 2020.

In-person Seminars

Seminars for IT recruiters in European countries.
We have organized paid seminars for recruitment agencies (B2B sales) and groups of individual recruiters (B2C sales).

Geekruiter Academy

Online academy with video courses for IT recruiters.

Courses on Udemy

Udemy is a marketplace for course creators.
We have created six video courses that are being sold even 2-3 years after they were published.

Video Recording Studio

Do you need to record video content? We have established a recording studio in Bratislava, Slovakia, where we can help you produce high-quality videos.

What Can We Help YOU  With?

Please, reach out via email info@edtechlabs.com to schedule a quick discovery call.
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